Success Stories

DeLaval International

Dairy always tastes better when it comes from a happy cow. The world leader in full-service dairy farm supply, DeLaval, helps farmers maintain and milk animals in a way that increases profits and ensures animal comfort. But providing great service in over 100 countries meant improving supply chain transparency and global coordination. With the SAP Business One and SAP Event Management applications, DeLaval can better serve the world’s dairy farmers and their cows.

“External suppliers, our own factories, various freight forwarders, our own order management, the sales offices, and, of course, our customers are all involved in our fairly complex project business. Since our systems tend to be customized, the components are brought together from several countries using a mix of transport flows to various consolidation points and then shipped to the customers…We wanted to move away from conventional track and trace to processes that were as standardized as possible worldwide. And we needed a single application that would notify us proactively about defined events at specific times.”

– Christian Wreth, Supply Chain Manager of Supply Chain Development, DeLaval International AB

Castle Importing, Inc.

When preparing family dinner, parents may wonder if their kids will like it. But, obviously for families—and Castle Importing—food safety is the first priority. Consumers expect to know about recalls immediately. With SAP Business One, Castle Importing has complete visibility into their production process, so if a recall is necessary, they can quickly inform their customers and take steps to remedy the situation.

Alpha Logisticscan now create live stock reports, view real-time sales figures, collate management information and report gross profit margins. SAP Business One gives the company an ever-current picture of its financial health.

Manual tasks:  greatly reduced.

Workflow:powerfully improved.

Accounting processes:  streamlined.

Interstate Contract Cleaning Services

In addition to dramatically increasing the accuracy of customer invoices, ICCS can now customize billing to personalize terms and messaging specific to individual clients which supports their core mission of providing exceptional customer service. ICCS can now generate 1,000s of invoices in less than an hour where it previously took two days. The re-engineered system has been up and running for a year and a half now and, according to Seymour, “is 100 percent better and runs like a Cadillac. The system has been smooth and easy and we haven’t had any subcontractor complaints.”

Since the conversion went live, ICCS has increased their annual new client count and their revenues are up 60% to 70% due in part to the efficiency of the solution, without the need to hire any additional accounting or administrative staff to handle the increased volume. Additionally, consulting fees are only 10% of what they were with the previous vendor. ICCS now has the infrastructure to continue client and market expansion without being held back by an inefficient and unusable invoice and contract management solution.
Aether Consulting, a channel partner of SAP

Nelson Packaging Company, Inc.

When their previous inventory tracking application was discontinued, Nelson had attempted on their own to implement an inventory tracking add-on for QuickBooks, which failed. With the deadline looming, they purchased SAP® Business One (designed for mid-sized businesses) and Data Collection from LBSi, and let LBSi manage the implementation.
They now have a system that they can count on, receiving accurate information in half the time.

SAP Business One at Krazy Glue: Sticking to Business

Over the course of the implementation, the number of licences quadrupled, and today all office and management staff are users. SAP Business One went live on January 2, 2008, and Krazy Glue closed the December books. Notably, Japanese companies prefer to close on the literal end of month day. Oka says he is pleased that they can close far more quickly than before, and to date Krazy Glue has closed on schedule for December through March.
The efficiencies of the new environment have allowed the company to manage two entities without adding headcount. The controller says, “Without SAP Business One, we would have required two more people.” Specifically, the company has increased its sales volume by a minimum of five to 10 percent with a 20 percent increase in work, without hiring additional staff.
Krazy Glue management is committed to continuing to refine business processes for greater return on effort and investment. LBSi is working with Oka and his team to implement additional functionality, such as radio frequency identification, to expand their SAP Business One environment.
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