SAP Business One in S.E.Europe

This site is dedicated to SAP Business One
– A software we consider as wisest choice and best ERP investment in the Balkans today for installations of 1 to 500 users

– Produced by the world ERP leader SAP, BusinessOne has remained in the shadow of its big brother SAP R/3. ERPs used to be considered “an investment only the very big companies could afford”. SAP BusinessOne is not made for the very big companies.

– Our days, middle and small companies also need ERP solutions. We have found SAP Business One to offer more value for the money – even compared with elementary (and cheap) local software.

– In this site we show the big ideas and elements of SAP BusinessOne . We are also sharing a collection of readings from SAP documentation (that seems to have no end).

– The prices of SAP BusinessOne are a pleasant surprise we would be happy to make only to really interested companies