SAP® Business One provides the opportunity for integrated physical and financial monitoring of projects undertaken by your company. Already a significant number of our customers use it additionally with: Prenecon, Alstom, Building Solutions & White

In particular, there is an ability for converting tenders in procurement project and monitoring it in every phase of the project.

In each phase, there is the capability to certify it, e.g. with completion rates, so that the company will proceed with billing and collection process.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity to monitor the work of the project that is entrusted to subcontractors (with the same certification process and controlling).

In this way the managers and the executives will be aware of the following details for each task:

  • Assignments made by customers
  • What stage each project is at
  • What is the percentage of completion per phase
  • What are the leftovers
  • Management of external partners & subcontractors
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payments Receivable
  • Cash Flow of the project / Aging
  • Cost of Work Completed / Employment of HR
  • Project Balance etc.

Although it is not included in this offer, it is possible to connect with Microsoft Project Manager.