Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) module is used to enter and maintain information about company employees, and to perform the following related tasks:

  • Enter and maintain general and personal employee information, such as age, marital status, passport and ID number, phone numbers, and home and work addresses.
  • Manage information regarding employee education, previous job records, results of professional reviews, and absences.
  • Analyze employee costs and salaries.
  • Create various reports and employee lists to run your business more efficiently.

Employee Master Data

  • Use this window to specify information about an employee, such as addresses and role within the organization, as well as personal and financial details.
  • You can also keep track of an employee’s progress, illnesses, or vacation days, and keep a history of the employee’s education and previous employment.

Human Resources Reports

Use these reports to retrieve data according to your specified selection criteria. You can:

  • View employee absences for the entire organization or a particular department.
  • Display contact details for every company employee.
  • Print phone books, or employee lists in various combinations.