Food and Beverage (ISO 22000)

SAP® Business One has an integrated Goods Batch management system according to the requirements of ISO 22000 (HACCP). For this reason it has been adopted by a significant number of companies in Greece such as OYZO 12, Captain’s Spices, Aquaculture Ambracian, Deals and Food Network.

Specifically, the system analytically monitors the progress of the batch at all stages of the process and in particular in:

  • Purchases (Goods Receipts, Returns, Pricing)
  • Warehouse / Production (Storage, Indoor Transport, Food Processing)
  • Sales (Buyers, Pricing, Returns, Distribution)
The function is completed by:

  • In every step of the process the Lot and the Status are monitored (e.g. approved, inaccessible, locked) and this has an impact to species’ transport (e.g. cannot be moved ‘Locked’ Lot))
  • Management of more than one property (e.g. temperature of receipts or storage) or other CCP. Also, if a critical property is out of specification, according to the Food Code (eg temperature) the system sends alerts to the users of the system and to the mobile users (iPhone/ iPad).
  • Certificate management and electronic filing.
  • Maturity Date, Date of Production, Import Date, Batch Details.
  • Print documents with details of lots
  • Automatic Patch Lot (for mass inputs)
  • Business Intelligence tools for Batch Management

Consequently, the Batch Traceability is given since all the flow of the lot with all relevant information (e.g. CCP, Certificates) is immediately available in SAP Business One.

Using the system with proper configuration, procedures, concerning the ISO 90001, are implemented at SAPBE (paperless). These include:

  • Records of Laboratory Tests
  • Management Reviews
  • Calibration of Measuring Instruments
  • Measurement of Customer Satisfaction