financeFinancials in SAP Business One covers the following functionality:

  • Chart of accounts
  • Account segments
  • Journal entries
  • Journal vouchers
  • Recurrent transactions
  • Exchange rates in multiple currencies
  • Financial reports
  • Budget cost centers
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Multiple financial periods
  • Deposits
  • Cheques
  • Credits
  • Receipts
  • Deferred payments

 Fully integrated financials

SAP Business One features fully integrated financial and banking management. When transactions are posted, the software creates a journal entry in the general ledger. SAP Business One
automates virtually all key transactions. No formal posting or batch processing is required.

High-speed drill-down 

You can easily drill-down to information at the posting level. For example, while viewing the journal entry for a sales transaction, you can drill-down to see the chart of accounts information.

Complete chart of accounts

In the chart of accounts, you can drill-down on the balance field to see transactions that make up a particular balance.

Multi-level reports

Multi-level reporting is also enhanced by the flexibility provided in the configuration of the chart of accounts and multi-dimensional cost centres.

Integrated reports

SAP Business One offers extensive integrated reporting tools for compiling business, accounting, warehouse and financial reports, as well as account statements. You can export reports to a variety of different formats including Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word® and PDF.

XL Reporter tool

The XL Reporter tool provides real-time views of data within SAP Business One with all of the powers of Microsoft Excel for report formatting.