Unisoftware  is established in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is an international company with offices in Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece. The company’s main aim is helping other companies to find the best solution for their business operations. Unisoftware’s team is focused at offering integrated business solutions, ERP – integrated system based on net technology for commercial activities, accounting, asset management, etc

Unisoftware is not a kind of company that sells software to people, the central focus is helping and improving by assessing the needs of the clients and provide the best possible service and care for your business.

Unisoftware’s vision is to offer solution to companies that want to be synchronized with the latest technology. We deliver value to our customers and our long-term goal is to be recognized as a preferred provider of technical services, integrated systems solutions and precision software product.; a diverse team of talented professionals with expertise in IT market segment; an employer of choice, fostering a culture that values dedication, respect and continuous improvement.